Can we just take the time to appreciate the fact that the theme to Hate Plus, the sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story, is a hard electronic tune explaining that it’s not THAT kind of visual novel?

Might actually get Hate Plus on day one if I can finish Analogue.



there’s a new version of dwarf fortress out and that means new bug reports:

  • Humans die of old age only after the end of world generation; corpses lie around town

  • If an adventurer shouts and nobody is around to hear it, the game crashes

  • Minotaur strangles dwarf under water for three months and counting with no end in sight

  • War Dogs appear to run from themselves in terror

  • All clothes in cabinets of Dwarven Fortress are too large for dwarves

  • Creatures spawn covered in tears

  • Zombies start conversation with necromancer adventurer who tries to sleep in their house

  • Adventurer yelled “Yield!” at boss, was presented with option to yield to himself

  • New tree generation frequently causes birds to explode

for foolsiwillshowthemall